The services we offer

Geo Targeted TV Advertising

Advertising on television is much more effective than any other medium. While every other advertising medium allows regional targeting, TV has been national; forcing marketers to communicate across the nation. We have partnered with leading national channels to offer very affordable geo targeted advertising platform which allows regionalisation of ad play-out, advertisers can now target their brand communication to audiences segmented by their geography. Advertisers, who had forever eluded TV for its high cost, can now advertise their brands on national channels at costs comparable to print or radio.

Media Marketing

We are associated with many leading media and publishing houses across India to promote and market their products. We do promote a number of magazines, newspapers and television channels nationally.


We are producing and directing multi-cultural and multi-lingual ad films, documentaries, corporate films and feature films. Our production team consists of people who are passionate about films and ads. The expertise we show in production has helped us to work with many leading brands and advertising agencies across India.

In-Film Branding

There is very close relation these days between movies and brands. Brands, apart from their conventional strategies to market and sell themselves are taking shelter of movies. A well-integrated, high-impact placement can catapult sales of companies. It attracts celebrity association. Wider reach. Cost efficiency. Promotional tie-in opportunities. The benefits of product placement can go well beyond on-screen exposure. In-film branding inside commercial films is a highly cost-effective way to gain huge exposure and visibility at a fraction of the traditional advertising costs.

Movie Promotions

The box office success of a movie is heavily depended on how well it is promoted. We understand that only a distinct approach will register a project in the minds of the audience, and get them to the theatres. We closely work with the movie team to identify the right targets for the film and reach out to audiences through creative and innovative promotional activities. We offer competitive, customized, and integrated strategic plans and solutions that will help you get the word out about the project.